Ontario Beginnings: OPENING OUVERT (opening opening)

We (me and Quin Elull) set out to hit as many opening days as we could in the month of December while hitting spots along the way. We wanted to maybe get some kids hyped on Ontario snowboarding, and get the season going. The first edit was filmed at campfortune on the edge of Ottawa, Blue mountain and in and around the Collingwood area. For the second edit we visited Mount Saint Louis, we hit some of the local spots in Durham and made a stop at Lakeridge ski resort. Thanks to Rob Madill for hooking up tickets and a hotel. ~ PARTYMARTY


 hey hi hello, things are going just fine. whistler had about ten days of the best pow riding you could ask for. we missed half of it being in calgary... but the street mission was a success. filming for the DWD video is underway. after a short stint in whistler riding fresh snow, the freezing level went up forcing us "rail kids" back into the streets. tourduhloops went down for the fourth and hopefully final time. after, returning back to the whistler rain. We hope to be heading north shortly with another crew assembled. the virus in my mind might be communicating with mark's stomach virus, who knows. later



maybe ive said too much already

classic early season at grouse. this year they had the park on the cut. it was so good that the slope was over run by hungry snow sport enthusiasts bombardier'd the hill in mobb like fashions. i was sweating filming, as everyone rifled through the features. due to the hecticness i deemed this footage mainly unusable. but fuck it i used it. probably wont make it back to grouse anytime soon



Raw & Cut here's tricks, slams & hyjinx from Kamloops

A few Kamloops photos can be seen way back HERE